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*T* Ritual Abuse - Causes of Dissociative Disorders - Part 1 *T*-

Before I begin, I would like to warn anyone reading this that the following post might be triggering. I'll always surround the titles of my posts with '*T*' when I know it might be triggering. That way, you can chose right from the start to pass over the post if you're not ready. What I've decided to do is cover some specific causes of trauma from which some might development a dissociative disorder - one posting at a time.


The What of It?

[Definition]: The very general (and narrow) definition of Ritual Abuse is sustained, sadistic abuse of a person (usually a child) in a secretive, methodical method that usually includes mind control. This abuse is used to perpetuate certain group ideologies.

Dissociative disorders have a root cause in trauma. Two people might experience the exact same traumatic event but only one might develop a dissociative disorder behind it. Just like no two people are exactly alike, here to no two people process trauma exactly the same way. Let's take a look at one form of trauma the almost guarantees the development of dissociative disorders - Ritual Abuse - also known as Cult Related Abuse (CRA), Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), and Occult Ritual Abuse (ORA). Dozens of police departments around the world have special tasks forces that deal only with these types of crimes including Los Angeles, San Diego, Richmond, Virginia, and Salt Lake City. The complete list is extensive. And there are four states that have laws that address ritual abuse specifically - Louisiana, Idaho, Texas and Illinois.

All over the world though, ritual abuse is being committed in the name of Christianity, Satanism, White Supremacy, Santeria, Paganism, almost any social movement or religion can be used as a reason; however, the most common religion ritual abuse is associated with is Satanism.

Physical and psychological abuse are common in ritual abuse and can come in the form of torture, burnings, beatings, confinement, forced sexual intercourse with both parents and other non-parental adults, deceit and other mind games... anything the demented the mind can create can and sometimes is done to the child. This abuse is always accompanied with trickery, deceit and always - always blame.The child's sense of self is completely torn down and rebuilt as the abusers sees fit. Along the way, the child is lead to believe that the abuse is their own fault, further degrading the self-worth. Sometime the child is penetrated with religious items and other ritualistic items and is forced to drink and eat blood, urine and feces. The ritual abuse occurs often and that the child will develop some type of dissociation is a given.

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