Friday, April 10, 2009


So, I cut today. I needed to see the blood well up and spill over and I didn't quit cutting until it did. The urge was on me heavy and none of the tips I tried from the list I posted earlier worked. I walked the dog and got out of the house. I knitted, I screamed but in the end - I cut.

This is my housemates first time with the urge...Urge...shouldn't it become a proper noun? I think so. I think it has earned that from the number of times it has coaxed and enticed us to self-harm. I had an HUGE, ugly argument/discussion with my ex. We said things we've wanted to say even before I ran away to Australia back in September.

I thought I started blogging to try to help others through my own experiences. Now, I know I started blogging because I needed you...every one of you who has ever visited this blog.

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